miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Claudio’s blog

This blog apparently is very simple, he carry out the tasks. But, mmm, the presentation it’s so simple. I think that it’s good, but is necesary some details for that the visit be pleasant, or funny.
First, lack of desing, colour, is very poor in this aspect. Is so flat to the eyes. No contain photographs, videos, nothing out of the common; is as a school notebook of english, with the difference that have some green.
Contain six posts about the tasks that the teacher gave us, they are tidy, with the respective dates and titles. Is vere tidy, but the idea of this activity to me is that we learn english through of daily things, as the blog because we train the english as a normal conversation. Well, I think that this activity is a chance to do something like a common people that have his blog and talk about his life or something. This blog carry out whit the tasks, but not whit all the objectives.