miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010


Today a woke up at 7:10 am, because I wanted see the previous time in tv, but not much time before for don’t wait a lot time, for the anxiety. I go to my mom’s bed an saw the match with she, I was lying down watching the match, some nervous and anxious in the first minutes. Sometimes I scream to the tv complain because the moves don’t finish in a goal. My nails finished very short for my front teeth. Chile dominated in the first part, without depth; Chile have not “lollipop” Suazo, who swept away marks, to “alerzi” Sanchez or Beausejour run with the ball to goal line for pass the ball. But “Wizard” Valdivia was in the position of Suazo and this affect to the game of the rest of the players. The bad words went to the players, my mom saw to me move the head meaning to say, don’t do it. Then, I saw some pass, and surprise, a goal!, I think a little time, until I scream the goal as: gol conchetumareeeee!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for the expression). It comes out of my soul, and ufffff, a relax time and anxios waiting for the next goal. The other part of the match was only for Chile, with a fidgety Sanchez, an inspired Vidal, and a secure defence. In the last minutes the nervous growth, but thanks to go, nothing happens. I enjoy the match, but i suffer waiting for the goal, but I can say, common Chile, we do it.