miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Flute sopranino

Can be seem ridiculous, but their sound reassuring even at the beasts, to me too. I,m talking about the flute sopranino, an instrument very simple that anyone can play. I´m one of those in anyone.
In my leisure I play the flute sopranino, because relax me and I enjoy hear my favorites songs played by me. Whenever i’m bored or stressed, I take the flute to play anything, any song that spring to my mind, as classical music, sound tracks of films or anything. I’m not a devote student of this instrument, is only a hobbie of a amateur that love’s the good sounds. Due to I play it in some ocassions when I want hear again a song that sound in tv, radio or in my mind.
I played the flute since the last year of high school, when my teacher of musical education lent me his flute for a year. I remember that I played with my friend from that time; he with the piano and I with the flute obviously. We played our love songs and improvised play from those songs. Was cool. Really I loved did, because i thought that i was a musician, but when I listened me, I down from my ideas.

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

Moving everithing, including.....

Hello again companions:
Uufffff, is terrible talk about this theme, but sometimes is good released something of our bad reminds.
Well, I remember that I was watching TV in a country nearby to beach; then I’m feel so sleepy and I go to my tent. I Wrapped to my self with the sleepbag (my cousin was sleeping next to me), in the mean time that I was nearly to sleep, precede to move the surface, some softly, i soy to myself “na’h, it’s another simple seismo”. But suddenly the movement began to be stronger, until reach a point that i think “this is a earthquake”. Then quickly I awoke to my cousin telling: “ wake up %#//=, this is a eartquake, wake up”. He just listen to me, he was very sleepy, but we leave whitout sneakers to the sand. My mother and my father were hugging, very scared. I didn’t feel the same, but my thoughts were with two people, my brother and my girlfriend, specially she.
My neighbours were in a party very drunk, hallucinating and talking only crap; anyway were polite asking us about our condition.
That night was very long, not only for me, for all the people who suffered the effects of this movement.
This is to learn, only to learn that our lifes are fragile.

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

The biggest relax of the world

Wow, the pleasure to attain the relax in certain circumstances of trouble, of those most desperates, is priceless. Few technological elements in this world can produce this relax, one of them is W.C..
The choice may seem stupid, or funny but i thik that this people never imagined a life whitout W.C.; that would uncomfortable be being in a problematic situation and having to go to the foot of a tree to be quiet, be seen and smelled all be passing through there, have to be cleaned with a piece of tree and surely being dirty. I don't know what I would do.
So, the W.C. is a sanitary element used to colect and dispose of human waste into a sewerage system, removing the depositions of the houses.

My first time with this wonderful and comfortable invention, I don't remember it, because since I have use of reason that I use, but the thing that I remember are relaxing moments of intimacy, thinking only in monkey business, taking me more time than I should.

I hope that don't you take this opinion as a joke, think in my reflection about this seriously.
Bye and see ya'.