domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

the sports......

The sport has been an important part of my life because my family has always been associated with at least one football. This has been a favorite not only for my family, but also by many people in the world because it uses only one ball and is easy to play.
It is a team sport, sometimes rude and need physical and mental skills, while women deny it, jajajjajajajja. Since I was a little boy, I play by my father, I always went to the stadium in which he played, I practiced doing that well with other children.
But football is not the only sport I have practiced in sports lessons at school we had to practice different sports, always doing the classical as: volleyball, basketball, athletics, baseball, gymnastics and others who were like games where we ran or had to use a ball. It was always one of my favorite courses because it was played outdoors and for me it was always a game (although it required me beyond my capabilities) could also talk and share with my classmate, it was really the best.

Now I'm in college, continued playing soccer, and spent time swimming, but less and less regularly I think that the more physical activity, I was more happy, do not think it was just because I was a child. Sport is really important in life.

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

An average gunman

When I was a child, I played a lot of individual or group games, running, jumping and screaming, always very happy. But likely the most funny was when I became in a gunman, alone in my house imagining me in the future with a laser destroying monsters or spacial ships like a special detective assigned to resolve a hard clue of vital importance to the galaxy; or a current and common police that is the only that can kill to the bad guy, a really problem to the city. Juauauajauajuja, was really funny, jump on the the bed of my parents (wich one time I broke for the hard jumps), or running and creeping on the floor doing sounds imitating the screams, shots, destructions of buildings and cars, or ship, etc.
I played with my friends too, with toy guns every one in the state that I left. We prefer always play in the night because the game was about to try kill to another gunman, being this either part of a team or a single player. Was two buildings to hide, with a lot of places and corners from where I could shot to the target enemy. Maybe we were very ridiculous doing sounds of consecutive shots and imagining that we kill to somebody, due to the form to determine when someone kill another player was seeing where was hiding that gunman. Ever that somebody kill to another “friends”, was necesary said where was the other. Always we finished fighting because we never agreed wich team won the game.....Things oh childs, jajjajajjaja, all wants win...

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

A great Saint to Chile

Chile has always had many persons that gave his projects and ideas to well-being of our country, even giving their lifes. But, to me, the best gift to Chile is work for the soul of the country and its poorest children, like Alberto Hurtado. This saint came from a wealthy family poverty, which had the opportunity to study law at the Catholic University taking with it a great economic and social future. after fixing the economic situation of his family made the decision to enter the Jesuit seminary in Chile, studying theology in Belgium and later returned to Chile. His great physical work was the home of Christ, which was a roof for the homeless, especially street children off the streets. But his main work was to have changed the perspective of the general population to the physical and spiritual abandonment of the whole population, not just the homeless, but in all Chileans. The rich gave money, the poor gave their work, with this there was a sacrifice of love I needed, and moreover that gave some feed his hunger for love; its most representative sentence was "give until it hurts". His speeches have helped change the treatment of workers, opening the eyes of society on the lives they led. But but his proposal was beyond the socio-economic problems of the poor, wanted to change the hearts and minds of every Chilean, noting that next to each person there is someone who needs something, that does not depend only on the rich to give until it hurts, but it depends on who's account of his suffering brother aside. And the best way to solve it is responding to the question "What will Christ do in my place".
I think any question that I would make San Alberto Hurtado would be answered with their work life, but I think I would ask that I had to do to give my life to that love, and I would do it just to hear their voice and feel Christ in their words and inspiring me with your presence.
The best chilean is someone that make his project his life...