martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

An average gunman

When I was a child, I played a lot of individual or group games, running, jumping and screaming, always very happy. But likely the most funny was when I became in a gunman, alone in my house imagining me in the future with a laser destroying monsters or spacial ships like a special detective assigned to resolve a hard clue of vital importance to the galaxy; or a current and common police that is the only that can kill to the bad guy, a really problem to the city. Juauauajauajuja, was really funny, jump on the the bed of my parents (wich one time I broke for the hard jumps), or running and creeping on the floor doing sounds imitating the screams, shots, destructions of buildings and cars, or ship, etc.
I played with my friends too, with toy guns every one in the state that I left. We prefer always play in the night because the game was about to try kill to another gunman, being this either part of a team or a single player. Was two buildings to hide, with a lot of places and corners from where I could shot to the target enemy. Maybe we were very ridiculous doing sounds of consecutive shots and imagining that we kill to somebody, due to the form to determine when someone kill another player was seeing where was hiding that gunman. Ever that somebody kill to another “friends”, was necesary said where was the other. Always we finished fighting because we never agreed wich team won the game.....Things oh childs, jajjajajjaja, all wants win...

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