martes, 17 de agosto de 2010 the water

Will be cool to me practice some water sports such as jet ski, launch and dive. The water is a good environment to realize some activities because is different to my environment, and the weather conditions practice in are the best to me, the summer is my favorite year time.
Well, jet ski is a sport where someone take a ship with a motor and sail at great speeds on the water; it’s cool because somebody can travel the coast from the sea, furthermore feel the little drops of water for the velocity obtain. Will be great roam for Chile’s coast little by little with a jet sky watching the differents landscape from the sea, and feeling the wet wind.
Launch is fantastic too, because is like a car, but on water, accompany of good friends, family and/or my girlfriend. I imagine that I take the launch, with anybody else, and travel across the lake at high speed, with obstacles in front of us, and finished in middle, eat something, take some of sun and talk of the life. Enjoy all day on the water.
The last activity that I want to do is diving in a clear seawater from any part of world; is a frustrated dream to me. The dive is an act where somebody inmerse in a water body, like the sea, lagoon or a river, for differents, as sports, scientific researchs, commerce and militar reasons. The better part of this is enjoy the beauty bottom of sea, watch the flora and fauna, and feel the water in all body.

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