martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Messenger of life...

Always I wanted meet to important person that represent of the best form to Catholicism, and not only to this creed, but also to human goodness, my dream was meet to Pope John Paul II.
He was a referent to my life and to the life of all catholic and men of good will, because had a common sense able to persuade with right reasons to governments and country leaders to do the common good, avoiding conflict and wars. His presence wasn’t like any presence; he created a welcoming atmosphere recognized both believer and not believer people (seen in some interviews or news in press), and I would love have been close to him to feel his presence. Have gone some Eucharist, listened his homily and received the holly host from his hands, was my dream during my childhood.
Many things spring to my mind in the idea of some conversation with him, mainly can resolve my first life question ¿what is my task in this life?, ¿which are the gifts that God gave me to give to the world? Some people maybe think that is a stupid idea, but is an important point to resolve to me, is a question that circulating in my person day after day. Will my life in the true path?. Our conversation would follow this path; besides answer many doubts about the creed, god and the, maybe, darkness past of the church.
I think that my life could have been another way, different and possibly, happy.

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  1. oooh, I wrote about the John Paul II too. He was like a earth god.