martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

a perfect day... a perfect travel

A perfect day, ummmmmm, many ideas spring to my mind, but it’s sure that is with my family and another important person. The more important that must have is the presence of this persons, and, mmmm good food and a beauty and interesting place to walk.
I belive that the best place to know in my perfect day is southern Chile. We always know the nearest coast to the north, until La Serena. To the south until valdivia. But I want to know with them Osorno, Puyehue, Frutillar, Chiloe and the more important landmark to me, “Torres del Paine”, try to walk for all national park, sleeping in a tent and with plentiful delicious food.
Some activities that I do in this travel will be , fishing in a boat competing with my father and brother for the biggest fish catched, then roast it in a bonfire with a brench that cross to fish (is a stupid dream, but is cool). I want to know all churches of the track of travel, museums and relics too, take a pictures and buy souvenirs. The food are a important point of this perfect day, for this reason I love go to some restaurants proving diverses plates, with potatoes, wild boar, kuchenes, jam of many flavours, apple chicha, etc.
Walk for diverses landscapes, inside the forest and take a deep breath, sail for some lagoon or river, and bring to water in the middle of these.
Well, my perfect day have many things, and probably is impossible do all this activities in one day, but is a dream, jaujaujauaj, all is possible.

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  1. Mmmm. It seems that you borrowed the ideas of a perfect day to other preson. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.